What In The World Does Bonzoul Mean?

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I am sure some of you are wondering where we got our name from or what it means. After all Bonzoul is not a name you come across every day. For our first blog post it seems appropriate to tell all of you the story of how we got our name.

A while ago two members of our team worked together on another project and had to spend a good amount of time talking to each other via phone. They would both start their phone conversations with bonjour, since they both speak a language influenced by French. One day instead of saying bonjour one of them said bonzoul. There was no real reason for the change except to have a little fun as the day kicked off. From that day on bonjour was replaced with bonzoul as their greeting. Fast forward into the future and we had started to built a live chat service. Soon we ran into the issue all companies have to deal with. What should we name our new company?  Since we had no plans to spend weeks deciding on the ‘perfect’ name we decided to go with Bonzoul. Two of us were already using the name as a way to say hello, so Bonzoul just felt right. The name Bonzoul represented a fun greeting to us and we think it transfers over perfectly as our company name.

Our team works hard, but laughing with each other over the little things is really important to all of us. So we went with our fun greeting and haven’t looked back. That’s the story of how Bonzoul live chat was born. Nothing earth shattering, but we like it and invite you to try it out and start greeting your customers with Bonzoul.

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